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TAYGRA shoes are ALMOST 100 % handmade. Visit the factory on this link

TAYGRA is VEGAN (no use of animal leather) and made out of recuperation of textiles from big industries

TAYGRA uses and contributes to produce two innovating raw materials :

TAYGRA uses water based glues, without toxicity for man nor for environment

TAYGRA offers an optional innovative anatomic insole 100 % recyclable made out of rubber

TAYGRA helps reforestation & preservation of Amazonia through the socio-ecological project CURUPIRA. First launched in november 2009, the CURUPIRA incentives reforestation through a large-scale ecological policy. For this, TAYGRA donates 1 EURO in average per sold pair (active eco-participation) to plant 5 hectares of trees and pays a monthly wage to the small farmers who got involved into this project. The basic idea is to finance the transformation of plots of pasture into plantations of trees & to show to the investors that this can be more profitable than any other activity in this area. It will contribute to attenuate the global warming and to promote the rainforest as the worldwide heritage of the humanity. Allready followed by other investors, the CURUPIRA project is now helping more than 20 families, and reached 120 hectares. In a short future, the amount of CO2 that is absorved by our plantations will be sold on the Emission trading.

To get more information click on the following links: http://www.amazoniarainforest.net / http://teiasilvio.blogspot.com / http://www.gentedeopiniao.com.br / http://www.opiniaotv.com.br

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TAYGRA is the partner of the Capoeira in France and in Brazil and has been the sponsor of the social group of Capoeira " Abolição Capoeira " in the State of Bahia and in the French Basque Country. Information on the Capoeira on this link and on www.abolicao-capoeira-pays-basque.fr

TAYGRA is a conceptual brandmark that sell products with a responsible attitude, ecologically and humanly correct