Finally different sneakers... ethical, trendy, extremly comfortable with Brazilian soul & original design

Wearing TAYGRA, you will be amazed by the suppleness of these incomparable shoes, their comfort and lightness, as well as by the diversity of its models, in very various and warm colours. Taygras is urban & sportive footwear, & cab ne usde for the beach, exits, indoors-sports, martial arts, dance & Capoeira.

A feeling of confort as in slippers... A lightness as if you were barefoot... A reinforced sensitivity of feet...

The soles have a particular form which makes them nonskid on any surfaces! Some use it even for the surfing, canyoning, piloting, for hurt feet... each one his reasons, TAYGRA is a shoe for everyone!

The sport professionals will appreciate it as shoe of relaxation of the foot, before and after the practice of their specialised sports (which will require a type of technical shoe), as well as for format and weight that is easy to transport. People suffering from their feet will find in TAYGRA a suppleness adapted to their disability, the shoe does not oppress the foot and it won't hurt or be unconvenient. Other detail: they can be washed in machine, at 30 ░C. Avoid drier.

Take care: the new anatomic sole must absolutely be hand-washed or with cold water in the washing machine because it would melt!

selection of different canvas materials presse machine to cut shape The manufacture of the products of the brandmark TAYGRA « is almost 100 % handmade (70 % handmade, 30 % assisted by machines) and production is limited for these reasons.

By ethics and to keep a constant quality, production is 100 % Brazilian, without relocation, and accomplished by a specialised familial manpower.

Virtual visit of the factory on this link

taygra control family factoryTAYGRA is 100% brazilian
taygra factorytaygra handmade shoes cigano showtaygra handmade sneakers factory in Braziltaygra mould handmade factory brazilTAYGRA sole fabric plant factory injection PVC solewater base glue stick used in the sneakers TAYGRA BRASIL in Brazilhandmade shoes TAYGRA trainers factory handmade Brazil football playerhandmade silk serigrapquality control at production, TAYGRA BRASIL sneakers are cleaned with Cachaša ! TAYGRA under plastic bag ready to be shipped !

We practice a responsible and fair trade policy (pay shoes 20 % more than market price for better wages in the factory), aiming at the development of local economy, because TAYGRA makes work many families directly and indirectly (with some tasks such as the manufacture of soles, packing cardboards or beach bags).

Environment is responsibility of all. TAYGRA grows conscious and anxious for environment, since the time as environment wasn't yet fashion and commercial argument. TAYGRA offers shoes

recycle recyclable recycling waste offcuts taygra brasil brazil

Recycling of the offcuts

TAYGRA uses 100 % recyclable materials, offcuts are recycled locally by the collectors of "waste" who contribute to the cleaning of the city while earning a worthy wage allowing them to hope for a social evolution. These materials are re-used to fabricate soles for sandals, to fill eiderdown, fuzz and dolls...

We use an odorless glue based on water, new on the market, without toxicity for man nor for environment. Requiring more time to dry, not enough industries opt for this economically less profitable choice.

TAYGRA launches an anatomic sole in ecological EVA, 100 % recyclable, with orthopedic memo. An ecological innovation for your comfort and good for the planet.

Packing cardboards or bags of beach used by TAYGRA is accomplished based on recycled materials.

We innovate by launching for the first time on the market the use of "Canvas from the Rainforest", an organic leather coming from environmental reserves in South af Amazonia. The use of this material contributes to the improvement of life and to the maintaining of habitants, the Seringueiros, who are necessary for the surveillance of these fragile areas and in the grip of the economic interests of lumbering industry.

TAYGRA launches and services the environmental " CURUPIRA " project, in collaboration with SIMPI (small & micro-companies trade union), aimed to the reforestation of small plots of pasture in the south of the Amazon. The aim is to create new forests of native trees, to introduce the reforestation as a source of profit and so to allow to reverse the destructive tendency of the lung of the planet, while allowing to the small farmers to get a worthy wage to take care of the planting.


Recyclable anatomic soles

water based glue from TAYGRA BRAZIL eco-friendly

Ecological glue based on water

rainforest leather vegetable texile & canvas taygra brazil

Rainforest's leather


The used materials are VEGAN, we use Nylon, synthetic leather and dear (struggling against the use of animal origin materials), the canvas from cotton, the burlap and the Rainsforest Leather or Canvas. The internal soles are in ecologicall recyclable EVA, external in PVC.