Launching of new ranges of models such as tennis & high tops sneakers, flip-flops and Vegetable leather shoes

TAYGRA takes an ecological dimension:

Launching of a new anatomic sole recyclable 100 % and adhesive free

Use of a glue based on not toxic water for man or environment

Launching in exclusivity of the Vegetable Leather (Rainforest canvas), " ecologically correct" raw material based on latex coming from reserves in the South of Amazonia, contributing to maintain the Seringueiro and promote their role as guardian of the forest

Financing and launching of the reforestation project " Curupira " in the South of Amazonia and of the campaign "Buy a pair of TAYGRA, we plant a tree"

Events in 2009 :


Latin film festival of Biarritz, from September 28th till October 4th

SPONSOR TAYGRA christening internship CAPOEIRA November 28-29 to HOLY JEAN OF LUZ Brazilian party in Cuba Bella

Sponsorship of the first Internship and Batizado of Capoeira, as well as from the Brazilian party of the group Abolição Capoeira in St Jean de Luz - France, the 28th and 29th of November

More information on

Brazilian party sponsored by TAYGRA BRASIL in St jeans of luz with Capoeira lots to earn drawing

Sponsorship of the group of Capoeira Malongos in Bayonne - France

capoeira bayonne malungos instructor Mareclo and Basque taygra CUCA country


International fashion fair in Paris: MESS-AROUND, Porte de Versailles

Presentation of the new ranges, the vegetable leather, the plan of reforestation and countdown impact in the world of ethical fashion and of alternative trade

stand TAYGRA BRASIL in the living room Mess-Around, mode, shoes, accessories, door of versailles, September, 2009

Sponsoship of the group of dance THUG' Z CREW


Sponsorship / Partnership with Ramiro Musoto, born argentinian, one of the best percussionists of his time, has been living Salvador in the state of Bahia in Brazil. He sadly left us prematurely this September 11th, 2009. He was 45 years old. Its music accompanies the video clip of TAYGRA "Surf'n Capoeira" - Energia Pura. "Continuarei jogando duro pensando em vc amigo!". Information at

International Exhibition in Paris (Porte de Versailles)

Partnership with the Capoeira (Batizado of Arte Negra / Pau)

doll gives off lint recyclable mess around shoe ecological mode taygra living roomtaygra in the decorative world urban hope living room mess-aroundbasketball taygra slim recycled burlap mess around living room mode betsmodel taygra baby living room mess around bets international mode

In February: international shoes fair in Paris : MESS-AROUND from 1st till 3 February 2009. Launching of the new ecological range, tennis and High Top sneakers.

show mess-around living room February, 2009

Events in 2008:

International Shoe Fair MESS-AROUND from 7 till 9 September 2008 in Paris - Very good reception of the new TAYGRArange by the professionals, all agreeing to predict a promising future for the small new Brazilian!
salon-mess-around-taygra-showroom-baskets-bresil.jpg basketball ecological Brazilians TAYGRA MESS AROUNDsalon-chaussure-mess-around-taygra-brasil.jpg

Film festival Latino of Biarritz from September 29th till October 5th

latin film festival biarritz taygra brésilstand festival South American film BIARRITZ TAYGRA

Festival and World championship of surfing in Lacanau (33) LACANAU PRO from 7 till 17 August 2008
TAYGRA, official sponsor of the evenings à © are br à © siliennes!!! TAYGRA is partner & sponsor of the Casino "Lucien-Barrière" in Toulouse, to promote Brazilian culture in France through a thematic party Samba, Batucada and Capoeira
International fair of Paris 2008

In 2007:

Taygra participated at the international shoe fair (Midec) in Paris, from 7 till 9 September Door of Versailles

presentation TAYGRAliving room midec presentation taygrabasketball midec presentation taygra living roomTAYGRA basketball in the living room of the midec, internationnal living room of the shoe in 2007