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taygra article journal boutique noirmoutiers en l-île

2010 Revue de presse Paperblog : Il était une fois la mode éthique

Vogue Complementos & Vogue Niños Espanha

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Partnership with the group of Capoeira MALUNGOS

FASHIONMAG video report of the professional fair Mess-Around and shows TAYGRA sneakers

Helvetic Magazine Edelweiss

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Partnerships with the groups of Capoeira CAPOEIRA BRASIL and CAPOEIRA GERAIS


Fashion Magazine of mode " Quick Fashion" review of the papers taygra quick fashionreview of the papers magazine taygra



In November, TAYGRA is introduced to the professionals Shoe sellers through the specialised magazine CHAUSSER

The article can be read by clicking on the page.

cover of the magazine to PUT ON magazine, report on TAYGRA, pr à © smell in the living room MESS-AROUND in September, 2008 taygra shoes of Br à © sil in the magazine magazine sp à © cialis à © to put on
Spring - Summer
TAYGRA, official sponsor of the evenings à © are br à © siliennes!!! TAYGRA joins the Casino Lucien-Barrière of Toulouse, to promote Brazilian culture in France in the topic of a thematic party Samba, Batucada and Capoeira.
Winter 2007-2008
Autumn 2007

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